Orcas is pretty superb

We have been a tenant at Orcas Business Park since late 2015, and we have renewed our lease once already.  Orcas is pretty superb in terms of location, amenities and responsive staff.  We are within walking distance of excellent Georgetown restaurants and bars, the post office, easy and fast access to I-5 and 99, and the buildings have plentiful parking, not to mention still-affordable rents.  The women in the office are particularly responsive when we need assistance, new keys/supplies, or information from them, and maintenance projects, such as new asphalt or landscaping improvements are frequently being done, although not in an obtrusive way.  Our business is growing and we have asked Orcas to find us a larger space as soon as they can.

Steph K 3/13/2019

Our experience has been exceptional

I manage the Seattle Wholesale Growers Market and have been a tenant in Orcas Business Park since November 2017. Our experience with Michelle, JW and John as our landlords has been exceptional. It is clear that they care not only for their property, but also for their tenants and their businesses. Our building is very well maintained, and when issues arise, they are handled promptly and professionally. The service we have received from Orcas Business Park has been excellent. Whenever we have turned to them with questions or have asked for help, they are very willing to advise and assist us. This helps keep our business moving!
I appreciate that their office is onsite in the complex. This makes them particularly accessible and I believe it has allowed us to develop a solid working relationship. We love renting from a small family-based business, as we are owned by a group of family flower farms. Michelle, JW and John work hard and are genuinely good people that you can trust. It’s been a pleasure working with them and being part of their tenant community. I would recommend renting from Orcas Business Park without any hesitation!

Molly S. 2/1/2019

Excellent Management

The people at Orcas Building Park take excellent care of their buildings and work hard to provide a great experience for their tenants and their tenants’ customers. All staff are extremely personable and very approachable. I would recommend Orcas Building Park to everyone looking for a place to grow their business.

Kris B 8/21/2018

Excellent Service

All of our needs are met very quickly and they keep us up to date on any facilities needs. The office staff is very nice and helpful.

Chris E 8/14/2018

Great place for our small business!

From the first contact all the way through the leasing and tenant improvements – Orcas Business Park is the best. The staff is friendly and extremely responsive. Location, location, location…being in this neighborhood is great.

Bly B 8/30/2017

The best experience we’ve had.

We moved our company for the first time since 1968 and, previous to finding Orcas Business park, were confronted with hassles and difficult negotiations. The family that manages the property is honest, fair, and made every effort to make the process work for us. Now that we are settled in we are impressed with the prompt attention to our needs and the cleanliness of the property. We are so happy to be here.

John S. 01/24/2017

Great landlords, always responsive

Very good people. I have had several landlord experiences in my many years in business. Without question, orcas has been the best.

Michael D. 06/06/2016

Awesome landlords!

Family-run, super friendly and accommodating, all-around awesome place to work.

Craig B. 06/02/2016

It was great renting from Orcas Business Park

We rented space from Orcas Business Park about a year ago and they really came through for us while we were in a bind. They were great people to work with and J.W. and Michelle really took care of us the entire time we were there. We’ve since moved out but it was a pleasure to rent from them.

Sten K. 05/24/2016

Safe and secure environment

We’ve had our office space for the past 6 years and we’ve been pleased with Orcas Business Park. They keep the building well-maintained and it’s a clean, safe environment to work in. When I went to them looking to rent a space, someone was moving out and I gave them an outline of what I needed and fortunately I got the spot. They make things simple on their tenants and I’m glad we found Orcas Business Park.

Sam Y 05/12/2016

We are grateful for Orcas Business Park

We’ve been renting our business property from Orcas Business Park for many years and everything has been a smooth and easy experience. We’ve been very happy with their professionalism and communication. They’ve given us a great spot to run our business and we’re very grateful for all that they do.

Carolyn J. 04/18/2016

Personable, honest, fair and communicative. Family oriented.

Orcas Business Park is my landlord and they are the office management company. I really like them and I’m glad to have them taking care of things because they are very personable, they are honest, fair and they communicate well. They are also family oriented and I really appreciate that.

Curt N. 04/07/2016

Contemporary and competitive office space managed in a personable way.

I was their first tenant when they bought the building in 1998, and from then until now, they have been absolutely excellent. It is a personable company. It is family owned, and you can see that. The small touches like the fact that there are trees and plants make a difference. But it is mainly the responsiveness and reasonableness of the owners that makes them so superb. Whenever you have owner operators, there is better involvement. I would highly recommend using Orcas Business Park.

Steve S. 04/05/2016

A Great Experience

Orcas Business Park was referred to us by our commercial real estate broker. I think their costs are reasonable – it’s fair. We are happy being tenants of Orcas Business Park. Their building and maintenance is satisfactory.

Kevin L. 03/31/2016

A really nice property management company

We rent our office from Orcas Business Park and everything has been smooth. We’ve been here for seven months and the people who work at Orcas are very cordial and professional. We really like the building and the area that we’re in and we hope to be here for a long time. It’s been a pleasure dealing with them.

Rick A. 03/18/2016

Good pricing and good customer service!

We have been renting an office space from Orcas Business Park for over two years now. Their prices are very low. When we renewed our lease two years ago, they re-carpeted and repainted everything at no charge. They moved all our furniture out of the way and moved it back when they were done. They come in and change the light bulbs when they go out. If there is something wrong, their response time is always fairly quick, and they will usually come in and take care of it that same day. It is easy to get a hold of them and they are never too busy to help us out.

Klaus M 03/07/2016

They take care of business, we are taken care of.

Orcas Business Park is very good. Our CPA there, he takes care of our business there so we are well taken care of. We’ve been with them for a while and we never had any problems. Everything is fine and like I said, their services meet our needs.

George C 02/19/2016

Incredible Customer Service

The thing that I really like about being a tenant in Orcas Business Park is that they have incredible customer service. If I have ever had a problem, they take it seriously and look to remedy the problem as quickly as possible. Even things as simple as a floor light, I can call and they will someone out to replace super fast, I really appreciate that.

Marty N. 02/18/2016

I like a landlord that takes care of clients. They are always around.

I like Orcas Business Park because they always have whatever I am looking for. If I need something or someone, they show up right away. I rent from them and I need them for various issues, it depends it goes from sometimes asking them questions to some other times I need to show them something but they are always around. I like a landlord that takes care of clients and I like the way they do business, they are professional and communicative.

Nur H 02/10/2016

Good communication and service

We’ve been renting our office from Orcas Business Park for three years and they’ve been really good to me. They’re really good at communicating with me and about letting me know about payment options and making sure I’m satisfied. I’ve had no problems, I would recommend renting from them if you’re looking for an easy experience.

Trinh N 02/04/2016

A great experience

We’ve been with Orcas Business Park since 1989 before they changed their name to Orcas and they treat us very well. It’s a really great place to lease because it’s convenient and close to the freeway. They keep the grounds maintained and John Harvey takes care of his customers. I would recommend them if you’re looking to lease a business.

Maureen B 01/19/2016

An excellent and reliable company.

We rented retail and office space from Orcas Business Park for two years and they did a great job. Anytime we needed them or had a problem, they were there for us. Great customer service and a great company. We had absolutely no problems renting from them.

Ken S. 01/07/2016


The folks at Orcas Business Park have treated me like family for over 5 years. Whatever my needs are, they meet them and I couldn’t be happier with their service. I have several buildings for lease with them and they have always made things very easy on me. I hope to continue my long-standing relationship with them and I can’t say enough good things about them. They’re great!

Steve A. 12/21/2016

Best landlord ever!

Orcas Business Park is very responsive! They reply really quickly and we are lucky that we are underneath their office! They are always available and always right there! That’s the best thing, pretty much you contact them and within a few hours they are already fixing things for you or at the very least, they let you know what’s going to be happening.

Yumiko 12/14/2015

Personalized service works every time!

Orcas Business Park provides personalized service. They were here with us helping look at details and working with us every step of the way. They were also responsive to everything that we needed. I will continue to use their service because they are so consistent.

Nalini S. 11/24/2015

Excellent experience and friendly service

I have been renting my work space from Orcas Business Park for about a year. It is a family business, and they treat you that way too. You get to work with them and they’ll sit down with you to talk about any potential problems before they arise.  They are very responsive and always answer any questions I have. The space is clean and secure, and I am able to work peacefully there. I’m comfortable with the price of the service, and management is always professional.

Herman M. 11/05/2015

 Great experience working with a business that cares…

Before using Orcas Business Park, I had a store in downtown Seattle for fifteen years. It just got too expensive after awhile and with the help of Orcas, we moved our business to an area just outside downtown, only five minutes away. Orcas is a family-owned business from here and so they know the city and neighborhood. It was just really refreshing to work with someone who is familiar with the area and charges accordingly. Compared to what you’re paying in the downtown area, Orcas is very very fair. They are my property owners and work on all the maintenance issues. They’re prompt with their responses and their services; if you need anything, light bulbs or something, they get it to you quickly. Overall, it has been really wonderful to find a business as welcoming and helpful as Orcas.

Micahel E 10/14/2015

Very good landlord!

Orcas Business Park does great work! I use them for general landlord service, and they are very responsive and pleasant. I have been using them for 2 years now with no complaints and no problems. Very good experience!

Craig B G 09/25/2015

Orcas Business Park is a very good company

My experience with Orcas Business Park has been excellent. They are very flexible and easygoing, and they fix any problem immediately. We are currently renting a unit from them. The pricing is comparable to other places, but we didn’t go anywhere else because the people at Orcas Business Park are our friends.

Hailom G 09/16/2015

A rental company that cares for its clients

I have been renting from Orcas Business Park for the past four years. They are always there when I need anything. They talk with me every day to make sure everything is going well. Not many rental companies care to check in with their clients and only ask for rent, but this company is different. The price is very fair and they have helped me a lot. I always recommend that anyone who is looking for office space give Orcas Business Park a call.

Andy E. 08/31/2015

Great Quality and Great Service!

I’ve been with Orcas Business Park for almost two years and I have to say that they are really impeccable with their work. They do what they say they are going to do and follow through with their clients to make sure that they are satisfied. Whatever need I have ever had, they deal with and they always supply me with amble resources! It’s really a one stop shop company and with their reasonable prices, I definitely recommend them.

Richard S 08/03/2015

Great to work with

We have rented office space from Orcas Business Park for the last ten years. We have been happy with service because the company is very easy to deal with.

Steve S. 08/11/2015

Highly recommended!

I love the area that Orcas Business Park is located in! I love the building there, my office, and I love the landlords. They are nice and pick up my phone calls, respond to emails; if they miss my calls they call back immediately!

Sue M. 08/13/2015

Wonderful facility. Great landlords.

We rented an office suite in Orcas Business Park for our small and growing school for two years. It was a delightful experience. JW who manages the office park (with his sister Michelle) was ALWAYS attentive to our needs.

Shaul 08/14/2015

They’re good people to deal with!

Orcas Business Park staff always responds to any of my questions, whether it’s by phone or e-mail. I’ve been a customer of theirs for about eight years now. If there are any maintenance issues, it’s taken care of right away and are always pleasant to work with!

Beverly C. 07/30/2015

A Great Home for a Small Office

I have been a tenant in one of the Orcas Business Park buildings for 17 years. I especially like the fact that it is owned and run by a local family that is on-site, unlike an impersonal management company. The Harvey family has always been responsive to tenant needs, such as if an issue arise with HVAC. They add nice little touches, including flower pots by the entrance. They are also concerned about keeping the building and parking lot safe and clean.

Steve S. 07/01/2015

Great landlords!

Our office was with Orcas for 14 years. The staff were always very responsive and the buildings are well maintained. They are also very friendly and easy to get along with. There is always plenty of parking. The neighborhood has easy access to major freeways.

Nancy W. 06/28/2015

Orcas was always there to help.

We moved in there in 1998, and we left in 2014. I think we were one of the longest tenants. They were always there to help us with anything we needed. They did a really nice remodel on our office. They’re just nice people to deal with.

Jan C.  06/25/2015

Very satisfied tenant.

I have been using Orcas Business Park for about four years or maybe even longer. They are very pleasant to work with. They do a good job maintaining the business park. They charge a reasonable rent so I think it’s an excellent value.

Pat M. 06/25/2015

Quality business park managers who are very responsive. 

This was my first time working with Orcas Business Park. They were the business managers for our suite. From the leasing process to maintenance, they were always available. They are very responsive. They’re great to work with, and they are nice people. They run a good business park. They make sure to take care of their tenants. They’re easily accessible via phone or email. I highly recommend them.

Jack P 06/24/2015

Great Quality and Great Service!

I’ve been with Orcas Business Park for almost two years and I have to say that they are really impeccable with their work. They do what they say they are going to do and follow through with their clients to make sure that they are satisfied. Whatever need I have ever had, they deal with and they always supply me with amble resources! It’s really a one stop shop company and with their reasonable prices, I definitely recommend them.

Richard S. 02/02/2015

Great family business!

I receive tenant services from Orcas Business park. I have to say, the owner’s son is outstanding! When we talk and speak, he is very personable and I have an outstanding relationship with him! That is huge because I have worked with a lot of tenant services, but Orcas is just great!

Pauline W 01/29/2015

Totally satisfied.

I have always been happy with Orcas Business Park. The people there are very nice, and I’ve never had any issues with them. I’ve been working with them for about two years now, and wouldn’t use anyone else.

Dan S. 01/02/2015

Nice business!

Orcas Business Park are very helpful when I call or ask them something. They are always ready to assist me, and always ask if I need anything. They are very nice people, and do good business.

Nur H 12/31/2014

Excellent Office Facilities…

It is great to work with a family operated company. They are on site and helpful with every sort of problem. It is well located and reasonably priced. They keep the building in good condition and everybody there seems friendly. The neighbor is safe and friendly. Great for small or large businesses.

Hal R 10/19/2014


We relocated our offices from Pioneer Square after the construction started for the viaduct, and it was the best move ever! Great owners/managers, and they are very accommodating as far as build outs and other things the average and not so average tenant needs. All I can say is we love it here, and won’t be leaving for a long time to come.

Michael H 09/19/2014

Excellent place to locate your office!

I’ve had a lease with Orcas Business Park for about three years now. The other businesses to which they rent and the area of Georgetown are both really good. People here are welcoming, and the business-to-business relationships are also good. I think they treat their tenants well and the park well. They are always responsive to our needs. It’s a great place to locate an office!

Pat M 08/27/2014

Totally satisfied

Orcas Business Park keeps the grounds clean and everything maintained. If there’s an issue, they respond well. They’re a small, family-owned, and operated business and that’s the beauty of it.

Darlene P. on 08/14/2014

Positive experience

I’ve been using Orcas Business Park for 11 years and am very pleased with them. John and his team are very friendly, professional, and easy to talk to. The location is convenient and the prices are good. They are quick to respond and are very patient and understanding with all of my needs. I would definitely recommend them if you want a property manager who is really on top of their stuff.

Hailom W. 04/25/2014

Best landlord and best of friends!

We’ve been tenants at Orcas Business Park for at least eight years, and we’ve been very blessed. They are always helpful in resolving any issues. They’ve been a great supporter of our business as well. It’s just been a very happy, thoughtful, thankful relationship on both sides. We are partners, and it’s the perfect facility for us. They are located in a fabulous, fun area of Seattle called “Georgetown.” There’s a lot of fun and diverse things nearby, and it’s affordable, as far as Seattle goes!

Dwight H 04/03/2014

Friendly, professional and helpful.

I’ve been using Orcas Business Park for one year. I like that they respond quickly to any issues, concerns and questions.

Steve C. 04/01/2014

Service was 5 stars.

Orcas Business Park is not perfect but they’ve done a very good job. I’ve been using them since November 2012, and I’d recommend them.

Craig B. 03/31/2014

Location good for business

We’ve been here with Orcas Business Park LLC for over nine years, and if we didn’t like it, we wouldn’t stay. The location is good for business.

Steve S. 03/25/2014