Orcas is swimming!

The Orcas Business Park is swimming with success. Our customers find easy, free parking in a safe and clean environment. The property is well managed, cared for and maintained.

Lisa Lee- Friends of the Library   08/23/2023

 Satisfied Tenants

We appreciate the services and support they provide that goes above and beyond most commercial property management companies.

Beverly S- Regin City   08/23/2023

 Very Attentive

The people at Orcas Business Park are easy to work with. We are a long-standing business and found out about them on craigslist, but they appear to accommodate startups and small businesses well.

David Jordan- Office Careers   07/11/2023

All is good. No problems have been experienced.

We have had no issues to report.

Daniel- Mioposto  05/12/2023

 Five Stars!

Orcas Business Park is easy to work with. Everything is good. I one hundred percent recommend them.

Wayland  05/12/2023

Orcas Business Park is the place to be!

We’ve renewed our lease several times – and we don’t ever plan on leaving Orcas Business Park. This family-owned business has TOP NOTCH hospitality with a mission to get local amazing businesses a roof to thrive under. I couldn’t imagine doing business anywhere else, I wouldn’t want to. My husband and I are thrilled to call ourselves very HAPPY TENANTS! 🙂

Cierra  04/26/2023

A good Experience!

I was looking for something different when I moved into Orcas Business Park, and while I was there, it was a good experience! The people there were great! Should I need a bigger space, I would use them again.

John Dannenhoffer  04/18/2023

 This has been a very refreshing rental experience, in a positive way!

We have not yet moved in, but it has been a real pleasure working with Orcas Business Park. Our last rental place was not a pleasurable experience. The people at Orcas Business Park have been very helpful and supportive in helping us make the transition. We are very excited to be moving in next month, because of the way they have treated us!

Zach O. 04/06/2023

Good communication!

The people at Orcas Business Park send all the billing and everything before doing any maintenance. They have good communication and make everything understandable.

Samuel Z. 04/05/2023

 Great place! Quick response!

I’m happy with Orcas Business Park. They are quick to respond. They work with you to find solutions. They’ve been very good. Their response is so quick and that is the most important thing. Compared to other places, they are very clear and have good customer service. I haven’t had any problems. Everything is great..

Bethanya Interim Healthcare 02/15/23

 Highly Recommend

I have been with Orcas Business Park for a while now. They are good people who always provide good service.

Mark T 01/26/2023


Happy Customer

Orcas Business Park provides the space that I rent for my business. They are great to deal with, and we are truly happy in this facility.

Scott M. LaBonde  01/18/2023

 Family Run, Safe & Professional Business Park

What I love about Orcas Business Park is that there is always somebody on staff to help you. They always have someone available. This is my fourth location for my studio. They never make me feel like they are too busy to help me. I have had nothing but a stellar experience with this business park.

Mighty Tripod. 01/16/2023

 Excellent communication- very responsive- easy and pleasant to work with

We have been a tenant of Orcas Business Park for about three and one half years! We are a family business, and so are they. They have great communication skills, and they are flexible when required. They have a very high level of customer service, and they are responsive. For example, during the pandemic, we had to shut down for a while. They were both reasonable and flexible in helping us work through the challenges and going forward! Four and One Half Stars for their Service and Communication, and Five Stars for our Total Experience with them!

Ben P. 01/04/2023

 Reign City Services, LLC.

The property management staff members at Orcas Business Park are all wonderful individuals to work with. They are very attentive and are always very accommodating in making time to provide our office staff with excellent support. We are very fortunate to lease space from such an amazing group of people.

Beverly S. 10/25/2022

 Family owned! Always in communication with each other! They take good care of their customers!

We’ve been with Orcas Business Park since 2014. Any issue that we have, they’re there to help out. They’re big, but they come across as personable. It’s family owned, and they are always very much in communication with each other. If I need something physical like a broken thermostat or a leaky sink, they fix it or get some to fix it right away. As far as the bills go, Michelle handles that. Again, they communicate very well. We really appreciated them through the pandemic. We are a theater company and school and were almost displaced, but they offered a discount during the pandemic without us even asking for one. They wanted to help us out and gave us a few months free, followed by a significant discount of half price for a while. They’re very good to their customers.

Jay H. 9/19/2022

 It was a great partnership between landlord and tenant

We rented office and warehouse space from Orcas Business Park for nearly a decade. They were very accommodating to our needs, and any time there was any kind of issue, which was rare, they handled it in a calm fashion. When we needed more space, they helped us redo the layout. They took good care of things, and we really enjoyed our time with them! They were always great to work with! They are good people, and they run an amazing business!

Nancy T. 9/13/2022

Signed new lease

We are looking forward to our new location in the Orcas Business Park! The process has been easy and professional.

Lisa L. 6/22/2022

Great Service, Always responsive

We greatly appreciate how responsive OBP and their staff are in their work. Well kept facilities with regular maintenance. Ongoing challenges with the local homeless population has often been difficult with daily business operations at Orcas Business Park The landlords are actively engaged to resolve any issues and minimize any negative impact keeping the property looking great..

Brad S. 6/22/2022

Happy to be at Orcas Business Park

I am very happy with our move to Orcas Business Park! We moved from Ballard after over 25 years in the north end. The location is extremely accessible for our clients who come from all over the metro area. We have tons more parking than we did in Ballard, and I appreciate all the work they do to keep it clean and beautiful. It has a wonderful neighborhood feel with the lovely trees and lush landscaping- great for taking a walk at lunchtime. There are good restaurants and a wonderful local coffee shop you can walk to in minutes. Five stars from me for this well run family business.

Denee F. 6/21/2022

Super happy at Orcas business park!!

This is the place to start and grow your business! There lots of benefits being at Orcas business park. Close to major freeways, close to banks, post offices, restaurants etc…
Building is serviced by Comcast high speed internet phone fax. Secure buildings 360 camera coverage. Free parking. Super cool family running it, this is the place to be if you are a small business.

Dawit H. 6/21/2022

Excellent Building

Well-kept facilities, plenty of parking, great location and amazing staff.

Logan T 6/21/2022

Excellent Customer Service

I rent office space from Orcas Business Park, I’ve very happy with it. When I call, the service is outstanding. I definitely plan to continue using them. I feel like I am in good hands, and that my needs are being met. Their customer service and communication skills are excellent. It has been a great experience.

Leonard H 5/04/2022

Orcas is pretty superb

We have been a tenant at Orcas Business Park since late 2015, and we have renewed our lease once already.  Orcas is pretty superb in terms of location, amenities and responsive staff.  We are within walking distance of excellent Georgetown restaurants and bars, the post office, easy and fast access to I-5 and 99, and the buildings have plentiful parking, not to mention still-affordable rents.  The women in the office are particularly responsive when we need assistance, new keys/supplies, or information from them, and maintenance projects, such as new asphalt or landscaping improvements are frequently being done, although not in an obtrusive way.  Our business is growing and we have asked Orcas to find us a larger space as soon as they can.

Steph K 3/13/2019

Our experience has been exceptional

I manage the Seattle Wholesale Growers Market and have been a tenant in Orcas Business Park since November 2017. Our experience with Michelle, JW and John as our landlords has been exceptional. It is clear that they care not only for their property, but also for their tenants and their businesses. Our building is very well maintained, and when issues arise, they are handled promptly and professionally. The service we have received from Orcas Business Park has been excellent. Whenever we have turned to them with questions or have asked for help, they are very willing to advise and assist us. This helps keep our business moving!
I appreciate that their office is onsite in the complex. This makes them particularly accessible and I believe it has allowed us to develop a solid working relationship. We love renting from a small family-based business, as we are owned by a group of family flower farms. Michelle, JW and John work hard and are genuinely good people that you can trust. It’s been a pleasure working with them and being part of their tenant community. I would recommend renting from Orcas Business Park without any hesitation!

Molly S. 2/1/2019